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"May I never be complete. May I never be content. May I never be perfect."

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Yesterday has changed my life. Watching my mother in pain, so helpless, was the most heart breaking moment of my life. She’s the strongest woman I know. And she needs me the most. I’ve let her down so many times. Not this time. I owe it to her to be right next to her through her recovery.

Yesterday taught me what’s important in my life. Who I need to spend my time and energy with. Who I need to let go. Who is there for me in time of lost hope.



This is one of my favorite posts

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the motto

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if you date me we will have:

  • morning sex
  • afternoon sex
  • dinner sex
  • after meal sex
  • i made pancakes sex
  • good morning sex
  • shower sex
  • bored sex
  • make up sex
  • break up sex
  • monday sex
  • tuesday sex
  • wednesday sex
  • thursday sex
  • friday sex
  • saturday sex
  • sunday sex
  • there is nothing on tv sex
  • i love you sex

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Jesus Christ - Layered (requested)

Use headphones!

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now I haven’t had sleep so I don’t know if this sounds cool or not

either way I’m posting it because I think it’s as close to finished as I’ll get it

Lana Del Rey/Kanye West - Million Dollar Gold Digger



the only thing that matters in my music tag


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